The IT Network Services Group maintains a robust wireless data network throughout our campuses. This network provides mobile access to the Internet, including computing resources at the HSC and throughout the world. Based on 802.11a/b/g/n technology, the wireless data network is constantly being expanded and improved to meet changing demands.

TAMHSC Guest Wireless Access:
Access TAMHSC Guest Wireless in 3 steps

Wireless Locations
Check the availability of wireless at your location. Note: TAMHSC Wireless is available at all TAMHSC operated buildings. TAMHSC wireless is not available in most shared buildings at the request of building owner(s).

Wireless Configurations

1. Click the Apple and select System Preferences from the drop down menu.

Step 1 10.7 wifi connect

2. A System Preferences window will appear. Select Network.

Step 2 10.7 wifi connect

3. When the network window appears perform the following steps in order.

  • Click the padlock in the lower left to unlock it using your Computers Login Username and Password if it is not already unlocked.
  • Verify that the WiFi status is On. (if not click Turn Wi-Fi On)
  • Select tamhsc from the Network Name drop down menu.

Step 3 10.7 wifi connect

4. A window will drop down requesting your TAMHSC Username and Password. Enter it and select Join.

Step 4 10.7 wifi connect

5. If this is your first time joining this network you will get an Authentication pop up. Click Continue.

Step 5 10.7 wifi connect

6. Another window may pop about Certificate Trust Settings. Type your Computers Login Username and Password (not tamhsc credentials) and select Update Settings.

Step 6 10.7 wifi connect

7. If any windows are left open, Apply the settings and close them. You should be joined to the network now.

1. Browse to the Control Panel and select Network and Sharing Center.

2. Select the link to Manage wireless networks.

3. Choose Add to Add a wireless network.

Step 3 Continued
Select Manually Create a Network Profile.

4. For the Network name type tamhsc. Choose WPA2-Enterprise for Security type and AES for Encryption type. Then select Next.

5. Choose Change connection settings.

6. From the Wireless Network Properties select the Security Tab and click Settings.

7. Uncheck Validate server certificate. Then click on Configure

Step 7 continued
Uncheck the check box that states Automatically use my Windows logon name and password. Click OK and close remaining windows by selecting OK.

8. To finish configuration a dialogue box will open requesting Additional information.

9. Enter your HSC username and password.

For assistance or questions, please contact the Help Desk or call 800-799-7HSC (7472).

1. Go to the Start Menu (Orb), right-click on Network, then select Properties.Step 1

2. Select Manage Wireless Networks.step 2

3. Select Add. step 3

4. Select Manually Create a Network Profile. step 4

5. Next, put in tamhsc as the network name, set the security type to WPA2-Enterprise and Encryption to AES. step 5

6. Once you select Next, you will need to select Change connection settings.step 6

7. Under the security tab, make sure Protected EAP (PEAP) is selected and then select Settings.

step 7

8. Uncheck Validate Server Certificate. Then select Configure near the bottom of the screen.

step 8

9. Uncheck the box to automatically use your Windows logon.step 9

10. Select OK on the previous screens until you get back to this screen. Once here you can select Connect to… and then select the tamhsc wireless network.step 10

11. It will then ask you how to log on. Select Enter/select additional log on information.step 11

12. Type in your HSC Username and password, leaving the Logon domain blank and select OK.

step 12

13. Once done you should see this screen and be connected.

step 13

For assistance or questions, please contact the Help Desk or call 800-799-7HSC (7472).

1. First hover your mouse in the lower left hand side of your computer screen and a sidebar will appear.  Click Settings when it appears.

Win 8 sidebar










2. A new windows appears that says Settings at the top. Choose the Available button with the wireless bars symbol.

Win 8 sidebar2













3. Select the tamhsc network from the list of networks that appear.

win 8 sidebar3










4. After selecting the tamhsc network you will be prompted for your tamhsc credentials. Enter them and hit OK. It may ask if you accept the certificate. Accept it if  you get the prompt.

Win 8 wifi pass req