You will need Virtual Private Network (VPN) for accessing resources that require you to be behind the network firewall. These instructions will help you set up VPN to connect to the Health Science Center network with the following settings:

Connect To:
Group: HSC User
UserName: HSC Username
Password: HSC Password

Downloading & Installing the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client
1.  Open your browser.

2.  Type:

3.  For the Group drop-down menu, select “HSC_All_Traffic.” Enter your HSCID username and password. Then click Login. You will be asked to authenticate with HSC Duo if this is your first time to set up Two-Factor Authentication.

4.  After authentication, the following screen will display to download and install the software.

5.  Click the Download for Windows button and follow the steps to install the Cisco AnyConnect client.

Disconnecting from the VPN
1.  To disconnect, locate and click the AnyConnect icon in the system tray.

2.  The Cisco AnyConnect pane will appear. Click Disconnect.

Connecting to VPN after Installing the Cisco AnyConnect Client
1. Click the Windows key and search for the Cisco AnyConnect client.

2. A prompt will appear asking for your username and password. Enter your HSCID username and password in the first two fields. The third field, labeled as “Second Password,” is for two-factor authentication (Duo) and has a few options:

  • Option 1: Enter the word push, which will send a push notification to your mobile phone, if you have the Duo Mobile app installed.
  • Option 2: Enter the word phone, which will call your landline phone.
  • Option 3: Open the Duo Mobile app on your mobile phone and touch the key icon next to the TAMHSC Duo profile. This will send a one-time 6 digit code that you can enter in the “Second Password” field.

For the Group drop-down menu, select “HSC_All_Traffic.”

3. Click Connect and you will be connected to the VPN.