You will need VPN if you are trying to access resources that require you to be behind the firewall. These instructions will help you set up VPN to connect to the Health Science Center network with the following settings:

Connect To:
Group: HSC User
UserName: HSC Username
Password:  HSC Password

Downloading/Installing AnyConnect VPN Client
1.  Open your browser.

2.  Type:


3.  Enter your HSC username and password and for Group make sure it says “HSC Users” then click Login.


4.  Click on “AnyConnect” in the left part of the browser window.


5.  Click “Start AnyConnect”.


6.  You will have to allow an ActiveX Control to install, you will see a yellow bar pop up under the address bar.


7.  Click on the yellow bar, select Install ActiveX Control.


8.  Click Install on the “Do you want to install this software”.


9.  The client will install and show connected at the end.


10.  Log out of the website, top right of your browser window.


11.  Close the broswer window, AnyConnect VPN Client is now installed and you are connected to the HSC Network via VPN.

Disconnecting from the VPN
1.  To disconnect double click the lock icon in the system tray, bottom right by your clock.


2.  A window will pop up, make sure you are on the Connection Tab and click Disconnect.


Connect to the VPN with AnyConnect Client
1.Click Start – All Programs – Cisco – Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client- click Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client


2.  Enter your HSC username and password and for Group make sure is says “HSC Users” and click Connect.


You should now be connected to the VPN.