Video chat with up to 9 people with Hangouts on Google+. Hangouts are perfect for small group meetings, collaborations or quick discussions. Find out more about Hangouts.


Follow these simple steps to give it a try for your next meeting:

1. Go to Google+ Hangouts and click “Start a hangout.”

Googleplus hangout1


2. Sign in by entering your TAMHSC email address. Leave the password box blank and click “Sign in.”

Googleplus hangout2


3. At the TAMHCS Shibboleth login page, type in your TAMHSC Username and Password, and click Log In.

Googleplus hangout3


4. By default, a Hangout will be started with everyone in your circles unless you click the “X” next to the aqua “Your circles” box. After doing this, you may start a Hangout with select members of your circles by typing in friends or clicking on friends displayed in the window. Friends must also have Google+ accounts. All TAMHSC users can utilize Google+ with existing user credentials. You may also choose to name your Hangout before you finalize by clicking “Hang out.”

Googleplus hangout4cor