According to the Department of Information Resources, “Electronic Information Resource [or EIR] accessibility means providing electronic information and services in a variety of ways that does not depend on a single sense or ability.” This includes all information on external and internal TAMHSC websites. When planning new web pages or sites, accessibility should always be considered.

  • Concise content is critical and headings should be utilized to break up content within webpages and documents.
  • Alternate text is a required attribute for all images.
  • Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents included within our sites need to be accessible. For more information, see Accessibility of Microsoft Word Documents, Accessible PowerPoint Presentations, or Accessibility and PDF Files.
  • Linking properly is important. Do not utilize “Click Here” or the full URL as link text; instead, use meaningful phrases that tell the site visitor where they are going.
  • Video captioning is required for all videos on the site in order to be in compliance.
  • Don’t use tables for design purposes. If tables are used to present data, add appropriate headings and tags for logical ordering of data. For help with tables, contact

Specific guidelines for web accessibility are found in WebAim’s WCAG 2.0 Checklist. (Note A and AA level conformance.)