TurningPoint is an an audience response system used for electronic polling. This system allows instructors to quickly confirm student’s comprehension of course materials. Instructors can instantly provide feedback and more in-depth discussion of a subject. TurningPoint is the software that interfaces with ResponseWare which is the “virtual clicker/response device” used by our students.

Key features

  • Engage geographically dispersed students to participate in class discussions
  • 100% integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint, results immediately show on the slide
  • Use for team competitions
  • Allow anonymous responses on critical or sensitive subjects
  • Enable exportation of saved data into multiple report formats


Please note: If you currently have Turning Point 2008 installed, you will need to follow the instructions in the Uninstall tab and then install Turning Point 5 following these instructions.

  • Download TurningPointInstall-5.2.1.
  • Run the TurningPointInstall-5.2.1.exe once downloaded.
  • If User Account Control is enabled you will receive a popup; click Yes.

Pop-up appears and click Yes

  • You will see a status bar that is preparing your install.

status bar preparing your install

  • You will then be prompted with the Install Wizard, Click Next.

install wizard, click next

  • Click I accept the terms in the license agreement, and click Next.

Click I accept and Next

  • You will be able to change the install folder, however, the default location is fine. Also, you will be able to select the option to Always open TurningPoint polling when PowerPoint is launched.

Select always open turning point polling

  • Click on Install.

Click on install

  • You will see the status bar showing the install is going through.

status bar showing install is going through

  • Check Launch TurningPoint and click Finish.

Check Launch TurningPoint and click finish.

  • TurningPoint Dashboard should open if Launch TurningPoint was checked before clicking finish.

TurningPoint dashboard

  • When opening a new PowerPoint the TurningPoint add-in should be started. This can be confirmed by creating and opening a new PowerPoint presentation and locating the TurningPoint tab as seen below.

TurningPoint tab in PowerPoint

  • Click on Start and navigate to Control Panel.

click on start and navigate to control panel

  • Click on Programs and Features.

click on programs and files

  • Locate and click on TurningPoint 2008, and then click Uninstall.

click on TurningPoint 2008 and click Uninstall

  • You will receive a popup confirming uninstall. Click on Yes.

popup confirming uninstall

  • If User Account Control is configured, you will receive another popup. Click on Yes.

user account control popup

  • You should see a status box that is configuring TurningPoint.

status box configuring

  •  After this please restart your machine.