It is important that forms on our websites be usable and accessible. We’ve developed some simple guidelines to assist you with form building at the HSC.

Best practices

  • Develop a consistent heading for all forms that indicates the office of origin and contact information
  • Utilize consistent fonts that are easy to read (see HSC Brand Tips)
  • Include the purpose of the form in a short introduction if possible
  • Outline the process, including where the form goes to and what happens with it

Accessibility requirements

  • Utilize at least 12 point text throughout, even if it means the form will be multiple pages
  • Ensure good color contrast and avoid putting information in shaded boxes

Easier to make accessible if:

  • Information within the form is arranged in a simple way
  • Heading levels are designated within the native document
  • Things are not boxed-in with horizontal and vertical dividers and/or lines
  • The requested parameter is on the same line as the blank (not above or below)