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TAMHSC Cloud is an application that allows you to sync and share files securely from any device. Powered by Syncplicity, features include the ability to:

  • share files with HSC faculty, staff and students
  • share files with those outside the HSC
  • replace Dropbox with our secure option
  • allow access for editing and collaboration (non-concurrent)
  • synchronize your files for your personal use on various mobile devices
  • access departmental file shares from your iPad

General information

TAMHSC Cloud uses a web interface powered by Syncplicity to sync your files and share them securely with others. When you sync your files and folders, it will do so across all the devices you have registered to your TAMHSC account. If you share those same files with others, it allows them access to view, edit or delete based on the permissions you give them. When you share folders with others, it allows them to perform the previous functions and also to create new files for sharing, again based on the permissions you allow.
You can access TAMHSC Cloud in these ways:

  • You can install the application on your Mac or PC.
  • Go to from any web browser to install the Syncplicity software.
  • Go through the series of installation steps. Make sure to check “Login using corporate account”. When prompted, enter your TAMHSC username and password. (There is a helpful tutorial in Step 4.)
  • For access to files at home or on the go, you may also install Syncplicity apps on your mobile devices including iOS, Android and Windows devices.
Mac and PC as well as iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.
Within, the News Feed feature shows you the most recent events that have taken place in your account. Think of it like a Facebook news feed for your files!
Within, the Files tab allows you to view the files you have synced as well as those shared with you. Within the Shared Links tab, you can view links you’ve shared with others.

Synchronizing folders

Syncing to TAMHSC Cloud occurs through a web interface and allows you to store your folders in the cloud. This can benefit you in several ways:

  • Information stored in the cloud can serve as a backup in the event of hardware failure.
  • Files within folders stored in the cloud can be accessed from mobile devices including phones and tablets. Microsoft Office documents can be viewed and edited in this manner. 
  • You can choose to share files with others through the web interface.
From your desktop, you can find your  folder, right-click on it, and choose Syncplicity, then Add to Syncplicity. At that time, an icon will appear that indicates the folder is being synced to your storage area.
No, not unless you choose to sync them all. Folders can be synced individually based on your preferences.
Yes, versions are kept for a 30-day period. See how to retrieve a deleted file.
When deleted from the online TAMHSC Cloud, primary folders (and files located within them) are permanently deleted from all devices and cannot be restored. (Please heed warning message!) If secondary folders located within main folders are deleted, they can be restored for a period of 30 days.

File access from mobile devices

If online, you may access your files and folders at Limited files and folders will be available offline on your device. You can add favorite files or folders in order to easily access them offline. Once you login again, the document will by synced automatically. See how to:

TAMHSC Cloud gives you access to all your files, including PowerPoint presentations. Present them on-the-fly from your iOS or Android devices. See how to present from mobile devices.


The term is a friendly way of describing web-based computing services that are hosted away from a given physical location. This means that your data resides off campus and is maintained by a third party. Because this infrastructure is located online or ‘in the cloud,’ you can access it from most devices with an Internet connection.
The amount of storage you will have depends on whether you choose cloud storage or on-site storage. When utilizing  on-site servers, information is more secure but has limited storage. When utilizing Syncplicity cloud storage, you will be allowed up to 150 Gb.
Login to and click on the Account tab. Within the Usage area, if TAMHSC On-Site Storage1 has information in the Active column, your storage is on-site and is more secure. If Syncplicity Cloud Storage has information in the Active column, your storage is “in the cloud”.

TAMHSC Cloud usage panel

In this case, your information is being stored on our on-site servers and is secure.

Information placed within on-site storage is secure, so feel free to do so if your department has chosen On-Site Storage1. State law prohibits placing protected, confidential and mission-critical information in the cloud, i.e., within Syncplicity Cloud Storage.

Sharing files and folders

Yes, when sending a large file, share a link and avoid email bouncebacks and hassles. You can even restrict access, set expirations, and track downloads. See how to send large files with ease
Yes, it is appropriate in instances where you may be sending a file or folder and requesting edits from someone. It’s important to note that you should share files and folders to TAMHSC Cloud realizing that they can be overwritten when two or more people edit and/or sync during the same time frame. (There are saved versions in case this happens inadvertently.) See how to share folders from anywhere.

Note: For concurrent collaboration sessions, Google Docs is recommended.

Yes, and you can also set an expiration for viewing or editing the files or folders. Our default expiration at the HSC is 7 days, but you can adjust to fewer days if you’d like. You can also password protect your information if you choose to do so.
You’ll receive an email indicating that this is the case. If you are on your desktop, you’ll receive a popup notice that allows you to sync it immediately or to postpone for later.
No. Departmental network shares contain files commonly used within a department and are securely stored within on-site servers for departmental access only. TAMHSC Cloud allows you the flexibility to share information within the HSC as well as to others outside the HSC, when appropriate.