Obtaining and setting up your email accounts at Texas A&M Health

All Texas A&M University Health students get:

  1. An official school email account, NetID@email.tamu.edu Texas A&M Gmail, https://email.tamu.edu. It is accessed with Texas A&M NetID and NetID password.
  2. An @exchange.tamu.edu email address, https://exchange.tamu.edu
  3. And a NetID@tamu.edu

Note: Students admitted prior to Summer 2019 have an @tamhsc.edu email that is automatically forwarded. No action is needed by students. No new @tamhsc.edu email accounts will be created.

The Division of Information Technology recommends directing all email accounts to your @exchange.tamu.edu email account.

Obtaining your IDs at Texas A&M Health

  1. Obtain your NetID at https://gateway.tamu.edu using your UIN.
  2. Obtain your HSCID at https://change.tamhsc.edu using your TAMHSC username.
    1. TAMHSC Username will be sent by email. The HSCID online account management software will send two emails to new students with instructions about how to log in and set up TAMHSC accounts. These emails will be encrypted and require a one-time username and password for secure access (not related to TAMHSC account credentials).
    2. Congratulations! Your TAMHSC account is now activated. You can log in to any TAMHSC computer, use TAMHSC Wi-Fi on campus, or any resources that require TAMHSC credentials, such as VPN and HSC parking.

It is important to note that the TAMHSC does not store passwords. If you have forgotten your TAMHSC password, Help Desk Central can assist with a password reset, or you can use the self-service portal at http://change.tamhsc.edu.