As a new student, you can activate your Health Science Center (TAMHSC) account 24 hours after you receive your UIN letter from Texas A&M University (TAMU).

How to activate your TAMHSC account

  1. The Registrar’s Office records the fact that a student has accepted an offer of admission. The student is then assigned a universal identification number (UIN) in TAMU’s Compass system. Every evening, a notification email is sent by TAMU to all students who have been assigned a new UIN that day. (The TAMHSC will also receive a feed of all TAMHSC students).
  2. Once you have your UIN and the HSC receives the nightly feed, the HSC ID online account management software will send two emails to new students with instructions on how to log in and set up their TAMHSC accounts. These emails will be encrypted, and require a one-time username and password for secure access (not related to their TAMHSC account credentials).
  3. Students will then navigate to and log in with your new TAMHSC credentials. You should immediately see a prompt to change your password. You can also view our password policies and requirements here.
  4. Congratulations! Your TAMHSC account is now activated. You can log on to any TAMHSC computer, access your TAMHSC email or any resources that require TAMHSC credentials.

It is important to note that the TAMHSC does not store passwords. If you have forgotten your TAMHSC password, the Help Desk can assist with a Password Reset, or you can use our self-help portal at

Additional information about your HSC computing account and e-mail

  1. Your HSC computing account allows you to access HSC computer and learning resources. This includes computer labs, Wi-Fi, e-mail, and more.
  2. Your HSC email account is also used to communicate with HSC faculty and staff. It’s very important to use this account for all HSC communications. HSC email is encrypted and has additional protections in place for HIPAA compliance. For more information on our e-mail encryption click here.

We provide secure access to TAMHSC email from anywhere through our webmail service available from anywhere at

For questions or assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 800-799-7472 or email