The Office of Information Technology is proud to present Skype for Business, a new system providing workplace instant messaging, video chat, and collaboration for TAMHSC faculty, staff, and students.

Skype for Business Features:

• Instant Messaging
• Video calls
• Skype Meetings: Use Skype to schedule meetings within Outlook
• Presentations: Share your desktop, start a whiteboard, poll, or have a Q&A session with other users
• Share documents: Upload and share documents while sending instant messages or in a Skype meeting
• Collaborate with other schools and companies that use Skype for Business

The following tutorial will explore the basics of Skype for Business, covering topics such as:

Skype and Video Calls

Meetings in Skype for Business

Groups in Skype for Business 

Adding External Contacts in Skype for Business

Skype and Video Calls

How to start a call:

  • Right click on a contact and choose “Start a Video Call.”


  • [Optional] Start a video call from the chat window.


  • While in the video call, you can share files, chat, mute your mic and present.


  • In order to share a document with multiple contacts within a conversation, simply drag the document into the conversation. Options for sharing documents include Everyone, Presenter, and Organizer. 


Meetings in Skype for Business

From Outlook:

  • Select your attendee or attendees, and time as you would for a normal meeting.


  • Next choose Skype Meeting. This will insert the necessary links for the meeting request.


From Skype for Business [Optional]:

  • Right click a contact.


  • From the popout menu, choose “Schedule a Meeting.” This will open a meeting request in Outlook.


Groups in Skype for Business

  • Click on the yellow highlighted icon shown below.


  • Select “Create a New Group.”


  • Name the new group and add your designated contacts (either by dragging or search).


Adding External Contacts in Skype for Business

Only Skype for Business and Skype users can be added.

  • Click on the highlighted icon shown below.


  • Select “Add a Contact Not in My Organization” and then choose “Skype for Business” or Skype.”


  • Enter the Instant Message (IM) address of the external contact.