OIT runs high performance web servers in a highly redundant, virtualized environment.

This service is available to

Faculty, and Staff

Locations available

  • Bryan, College Station
  • Corpus Christi
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Kingsville
  • McAllen
  • Round Rock

Features and benefits

  • Built in security including:
    • A commercial web application firewall and network level firewall
    • Server & network intrusion monitoring
    • Antivirus scanning
  • External availability & performance monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Automated backups for the files, databases and nightly full server backups.
  • Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL

How to request this service

To request web hosting, please use the OIT project request form.


Web hosting is free in most cases.  If your site can run on our standardized web server configuration, there is no charge.  Cost recovery may be involved if we need to procure specialized software, if a large cost in person hours for custom programming is required or if custom hardware is needed to run your site.


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