Siteimprove is a service that scans your website for broken links, misspelled words, accessibility problems, unwanted content, and other issues

This service is available to

Faculty, and Staff

Locations available

Available at all TAMHSC locations

Features and benefits

Site improve is configured to scan our most visible websites and send reports to content owners every five days. Its a useful tool for improving and maintaining the quality for our sites.

We are subscribed to the Web Governance Suite. In addition to broken links and misspellings, we can build custom reports, find unwanted content, scan PDFs, find missing alt tags, heading level problems and more.

How to request this service

To request access, email Please specify the site you need access to.


The Texas A&M System has covered the cost of scanning our college sites and a few other top level sites. We can purchase additional pages in blocks of pages for more sites if needed.


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    Notes and additional information

    For technical support, visit the Siteimprove help center or contact them through their support request form.