OIT support technicians can remove any viruses or malware from TAMHSC owned and personal student computers. 

This service is available to

Faculty, Staff, and Students

Locations available

Available at all TAMHSC locations

Features and benefits

Viruses and malware are more than an inconvenience. A compromised computer or mobile device can allow an attacker to steal your data and even the data of others on our network! Everyone at the HSC has a responsibility and legal requirements to protect patient data and other medical information, student information, research, business and financial information.

Don’t be the source of a data breach, if you suspect a problem, bring your computer to your local support tech or contact the helpdesk!

How to request this service

To request help with virus or malware removal, contact your Local Support technician or the helpdesk at 800-799-7472 or helpdesk@tamhsc.edu.


Virus and malware removal is free for TAMHSC users!


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