provides online courses for technology, creative, and business skills.

This service is available to

Affiliates, Faculty, Staff, and Students

Locations available

Available at all TAMHSC locations

Features and benefits

Lynda offers thousands of courses via the web and mobile. You can build and share playlists of courses, track your progress and even download content for viewing offline. Course topics include business skills, leadership, management, marketing, web development, project management, programming, Microsoft Office, communications, social media and much more.

Key benefits

  • Personal queues to prioritize classes
  • Personal profiles as well as enhanced reporting and metrics
  • A platform that supports different learning styles and provides self-directed learning paths
  • More current than textbooks and manuals
  • Learn anytime, anywhere learning on most mobile devices

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How to request this service

No sign up is required! Visit in your web browser and login using your TAMHSC username and password.

Instructions for Mobile

  • If you are using the mobile app, click on the “Already a member” option.
  • Next, click on the “Organization” tab at the top of the screen.
  • Use the “Web Portal” option to log in; enter and click on the Log in button. This will take you to the TAMHSC login page. After you authenticate with your TAMHSC username and password, you will be returned to the Lynda mobile app and have access to the full Lynda library!


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