Does your research require purchasing new technology? Do you need to make a major hardware or software purchase, build a web application or hire an IT contractor? We can help manage projects of all sizes!

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As a state institution, we are required by law (TAC 216) to use standard project management practices for projects.

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Formal project management is important for keeping on task and on budget. We can adapt the project management methods for small, one month projects involving just a few people or large, multi-million dollar projects.

Our Project Manager and IT staff can work with you to find the best IT solution. Additionally, we’ll help with scoping and documenting your project and assist with compliance with:

  • TAC 216
  • Procurement law and policy
  • A&M & HSC IT security policies and guidelines

Additionally, we can help you find and use existing IT resources within the HSC, Texas A&M University and the A&M System. Don’t buy something we already have!


A project is generally defined as a program of work to bring about a beneficial change and which has:

  • a start and an end
  • a multi-disciplinary team brought together for the project
  • constraints of cost, time and quality
  • a scope of work that is unique and involves uncertainty

Project Management is utilized in order to:

  • ensure limited resources are used on the right projects
  • harness the energy of staff in achieving beneficial change
  • manage complex changes in an organized way
  • assess risks, define goals and key success areas, and set quality objectives

The Office of Information Technology requires that the goals of a project to be initiated within the HSC be brought forth in a manner that is methodical, logical and acceptable to the individual, department and component. Competition for OIT resources can be demanding, therefore proper planning, as well as clear and open communication, is important to accomplishing IT projects.
Fill out the Project Request Form on the Help Desk website. Your request will be vetted through OIT leadership and appropriate personnel will be assigned to the project.
For capital projects, OIT utilizes the Department of Information Resources’ Texas Project Delivery Framework. Stages include:

  • Business Justification
  • Project Planning
  • Solicitation and Contracting
  • Project Implementation
  • Benefits Realization

  • the overall aim of the project and the benefit of doing it
  • the scope (or terms of reference) of the project
  • the key objectives project
  • the specific deliverables
  • the resources available to the project
  • roles and responsibilities within the project

No – in fact a well managed project will encourage creativity from a variety of sources. An experienced project manager will know when to tap into this creativity and when to drive the project forward.
A post-implementation review is done to evaluate business outcomes. It establishes conclusions about whether the project solved the business problem by achieving the stated business goals and objectives.


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