HSC-ID ties together our account and permissions system with BPP, Banner, Skype, our web and email directory, and other systems. Now when account details such as title or phone number are updated, all of these systems will have the same information! This will reduce inconsistencies we have between systems, prevent human error and improve security.

This service is available to

Faculty, and Staff

Features and benefits

  • No more waiting for OIT to create an account! New accounts will automatically be created from BPP feeds.
  • Automated process for creating accounts for visiting professors, affiliates, contractors and volunteers.
  • Request system for gaining access to network shares, group emails and more!
  • Managers can review and certify who should have access to different computing resources.
  • Delegation; managers and HR liaisons will be able to designate delegates who will be allowed to make changes and approve access on their behalf


How to request this service

Managers and HR liaisons who need access or training for the HSC-ID should contact the Helpdesk at helpdesk@tamhsc.edu.


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