OIT offers assistance for encrypting both TAMHSC owned computers and student laptops. OIT utilizes various software packages such as; AirWatch, VeraCrypt, Bitlocker, and FileVault to ensure the security of your data.

This service is available to

Affiliates, Faculty, Staff, and Students

Locations available

Available at all TAMHSC locations

Features and benefits

Drive encryption is critical for protecting the data on your computer. If your device is ever lost or stolen, full disk encryption is our last line of defense against the loss of patient data, student records, research and other data that has to be protected.

  • Protect your sensitive data 
  • Ensure compliance with HIPAA, FERPA and other state/federal regulations
  • Encryption options are available for Windows, Mac and most other systems

How to request this service

To request help with encryption, contact your Local Support technician or the helpdesk at 800-799-7472 or helpdesk@tamhsc.edu.


Disk encryption services are always free!


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