OIT provides various options for staff, students, and faculty to purchase secure, encrypted USB drives for storage of PHI and other data that needs to be protected.

This service is available to

Affiliates, Faculty, Staff, and Students

Features and benefits

  • Protects your data from being exposed even if the device is misplaced or stolen
  • Keeps your data compliant with federal and state regulations such as HIPAA
  • Easy to use, hardware encryption – no need to learn how to use cumbersome software

How to request this service

Complete the form located here: https://helpdesk.tamhsc.edu/encrypted-drive-request/

If you have any other questions, contact the OIT Help Desk at 979-436-0250 or helpdesk@tamhsc.edu


As of 10/2017 the pricing was as follows:

Departmental Use:

32GB USB Thumb Drive ~$25
16GB USB Thumb Drive ~$20

Student Use:

No Cost


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