Effective July 1, 2011.

What to expect when requesting assistance

OIT utilizes a software-tracking system to record the issues sent to the e-mail address it-support@tamhsc.edu. The system forwards each request to the appropriate OIT staff and documents the status of the issue as well as its resolution.

By utilizing multi-tiered technical support levels, OIT can effectively resolve user issues by directing users to the appropriate staff dependent upon the nature of the issue. For example:

Tier 1 – Initial support level for basic customer issues
Tier 2 – Support by personnel who have experience with a particular product or service
Tier 3 – Support that involves more difficult or advanced problems

OIT provides TAMHSC technology support according to the staffing schedule below. After hours, system outages are responded to by an on-call technician. Although most issues are resolved during the initial contact, sometimes it may be necessary to assign your issue to the appropriate OIT support staff or your local technician.

Staffing Levels

Fully Staffed Limited Staff On Call Walk up
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Mon-Fri after hours and weekends Varies by location
Method of Contact: helpdesk@tamhsc.edu helpdesk@tamhsc.edu 800-799-7472; wait for entire message and press 0 for the on-call technician See chart for the Walk-up Area nearest you
Explanation of Method: OIT makes every effort to ensure that staffing is consistent with user needs. Limited staffing may occur due to weather, illness, vacation or providing classroom support.* Responds to calls when support personnel are not available. Responded to on a first come-first-served basis

*Support staff at many TAMHSC locations perform classroom support functions, which is a priority of our institution. This may affect staffing levels at some locations.