Search Engine Optimization is ensuring that a website can be found by potential site visitors when they search for specific words and phrases. 

Get Better Search Results

  • Write content that uses words and phrases used by people who search for our offerings.
  • Build links to our pages to show they are important. If you are working on a page that references another resource on one of our sites, link to it.

Creating Links

  • Never use the URL for the text of a link.
  • Create links from meaningful phrases that prompt users where they will be directed.
  • Never create links with the text “click here” or “more”; Accessibility compliance requires that links provide clear and descriptive information about where the link will take the user.
  • Open links in the same window; current best practices and Accessibility compliance advise you to minimize launching new windows for links.
  • Check external links regularly. Sites may expire, change or become irrelevant. Text shouldn’t be underlined. On the web, underlined text indicates a link. We automatically underline all linked text for you.