• What is the Retained Access Process?

    This is a process that an HR liaison initiates when they want to extend an employee’s access to their TAMHSC account past their leaving date. It is started by submitting a Retained Access request through HSC-ID’s web site.

  • Who can request Retained Access?

    Only HR liaisons can request this for their departments.

  • Who can have their account extended through this process?

    This process is for employed faculty only. Staff cannot obtain account extensions.

    Students are not allowed to request an account extension unless they are sponsored by a department. Non-employees (Visiting Scholars, Affiliate Faculty, etc.) will need to have their HR liaison contact the Office of Risk & Compliance.

  • How does it work?

    This process follows five steps:

    1. The HR liaison submits the request on behalf of an employee, including a reason (required).
    2. A notification is sent to the employee’s manager, who approves the request and gives a reason for the approval (not required).
    3. A notification is sent to the head of the employee’s department, who approves the request and can also give a reason.
    4. A notification is then sent to the Dean of the college where the employee’s department is located. They will then approve the request and give a reason if they choose.
    5. Lastly, a notification is sent to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for final approval.

    Once this is done, the account will be re-enabled (if it has disabled during this time) and will not disable again until the end of the extension period.

  • How do I see if the process is waiting on someone to approve a request?

    To view pending requests, click on the “Request History” tab. You should see a list of previous requests that you have submitted.

    You can click on any of these requests to see information about the request in the right-hand window. This will include the first and last name of the person who needs this access.

    You can also click on the “Workflow” tab on the right-hand side of the window. This will allow you to see the individuals who need to approve the request before the changes can be made. You should see four different employees representing four levels of approval: Manager, Department Head, Dean and Vice Chancellor’s Office.

  • Who has to approve these requests?

    In order, the individual’s manager, department head, dean of the college and the Vice Chancellor’s office.

  • Can they be delegated (someone else approves on behalf of the approver)?

    No. We want this process to work just like the paper forms we used to use – by requiring the approver to personally respond to the request, we have their “signature” on the process.

  • How do I cancel a request?

    If needed, you can click “Withdraw Request” to cancel your request.