Some users have experienced automatic resizing issues with WPBakery on WordPress websites. For example, if a user adds an image to the media library called “image.png”, then the visual composer will automatically create the first automatic size option which is “thumbnail”. In return, the image will be changed to “image-150×150.png” and not publish the original image.

In order for this automatic change to stop, follow these instructions below:

1. Log on to WordPress and select the page you would like to edit. Then click the “+” button to add an element.

arrow pointing to the plus button

2. Add an image by choosing the “Single Image’ button.

arrow pointing towards the Single Image button option

3. Click on the “+” button and select an image you want from your media library.

arrow point towards the add media button

4. In order for your image to not be automatically cropped or resized, select the “Image size” text field and type “full”. This will let the WPBakery software know that you want the original picture.

changing from thumbnail to full size option

5, After you finished all of these steps, your selected picture should be the original size that you uploaded to the media library. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk team.