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Outlook has roughly 2GB of space for your mail, after that it will be full and prevent incoming and outgoing messages. To prevent this from happening Outlook has a feature called AutoArchive which creates a folder stored on your computers hard drive. This folder will contain the messages that are older than a specified date so that it can remove them from the mail server to allow space for new messages. The following steps show how to enable this feature.

1. Right click on your specified folder (In this case Inbox) and select Properties. This is standard for any folder you wish to configure the AutoArchive Settings on .


2. Select the AutoArchive tab and the “Archive this folder using these settings” radio button. Here you will set the AutoArchive to run as often as you like. Make sure you select “Move old items to default archive folder” and click OK.

It is OIT’s recommendation to set your AutoArchive to 10 weeks to allow for leave time that may occur during the 90 day retention before system deletion.



REMEMBER: This will need to be done manually on ALL folders you wish to AutoArchive!