We provide secure access to TAMHSC email from anywhere through our webmail service available from anywhere at https://webmail.tamhsc.edu/.

This article will walk you through step by step on how to setup Microsoft Outlook 2013/2016 to receive and send e-mails on a laptop/desktop when not connected directly to the HSC network.

1. Click on START > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Outlook. Outlook will open up to a welcome screen then to Account Configuration.  Click on the Yes radial and click on Next.

Step 1

2. You will be prompted to enter your information in the window shown below.  

Windows Step 2

3. When Outlook is searching for the email account it will bring up a Windows Credentials Window and you will need to select Use another account.

Windows Step 3

4. Here you will enter your HSC username and password. Make sure that you put TAMHSC\ before you type in your HSC username exactly like in the picture below.

Windows Step 4

5. If you successfully log in to your email the following window will pop up and if you get all 3 green checks then just click Finish and your email should populate in Outlook.Windows Step 5