Outlook Out of Office Assistant is used to send automatic replies to those who send you e-mails while you are unavailable or have limited access to e-mail.


  • Provide all or some of those who e-mail you with Custom Replies detailing alternate contacts, and your return date.
  • Can be used to forward e-mails to another address.
  • A specific block of time can be set for Out of Office Assistant to be active.

Best Practices:

  • Include your return date.
  • State whether you will have limited access or no access to your e-mail
  • Include contact information for another person they can contact (Get permission from this individual first).
  • Do not give too  much information: Remember that anyone who emails you will receive your Out of Office reply, Including those outside of the TAMHSC network.

1. To activate the Out of Office Assistant, click File tab in the upper left then select the Automatic Replies button.

Step 1


2. Click the radio button to the left of I am currently Out of the Office. Enter the message that you would like the senders to receive when you are out of the office then click OK.

Step 2

Creating Rules

3. Click the Add Rule…. button in the bottom left of the Automatic Replies window. The Automatic Reply Rules window pops up, click on the Add Rule… button and the Edit Rule window pops up.Step 3

4. The Edit Rule window allows you to set the conditions that will trigger the rule and the actions that the rule will perform. If no condition is specified, the rule will act on all incoming mail.

Step 4

In the Perform these actions: section, click on the choose the Forward option and in the To… field specify the e-mail address to which you wish to forward incoming mail. The forward action forwards only a copy of the incoming mail to the specified destination. The “original” will still be in your Outlook Inbox.

In the Method: field select Leave message intact in the drop-down menu. THIS MUST BE SET to stop the message potentially bouncing between one mailbox and the other.

5. If you would like to set a start and end date for Out of Office Assistant to be active, click the Advanced button.  Place check marks in the From: and To: boxes then set your start and end dates.  Click OK on both windows.Step 5


Activating Outlook Out of Office Assistant from Off Campus

1. Visit the webmail page at webmail.tamhsc.edu and log in with your TAMHSC credentials.

 2. Once logged in, Click Options in the upper right and select Set Automatic Replies… from the drop down menu.

Step 2 Activating3. Click the Send Automatic Replies radial and set the start and end dates and times that you would like outlook to send replies for.Step 3 Section 2

If you would like to setup Forwarding Rules as mentioned above they can be found in the Rules tab next to Automatic Replies.Simply follow the guidelines mentioned above.