Most of the colleges at the HSC recommend student laptop purchases from Dell or Apple, and both are fully supported by OIT. Limited support is offered for other brands as long as they have not reached their End of Life.  Please contact your local IT Support Services technician if you have questions. If considering a purchase, you may need to talk to your college representative with regard to specific purchasing procedures.

OIT provides assistance with computer procurement, ordering, specifying, life cycle and replacement. For more information regarding computers, VoIP phones, mobile devices, printers, scanner and copiers, contact the HSC Help Desk or the IT Support Services at your location.

For details on OIT Supported Software and Hardware visit our technology recommendations page here.

OIT Supported Mobile Devices For Android, Windows Phones and iPads, OIT offers support for configuration of e-mail, wireless and VPN at TAMHSC, as well as assistance in syncing calendars and contacts. If TAMHSC users are interested in using an iPad or tablet, it would be beneficial to consult a local IT Support Services technician to see if it will meet their specific needs.

Department-owned Mobile Devices can also be managed using AirWatch Mobile Device Management, ensuring security and easy management of your HSC-owned devices. For more information on the OIT Mobile Device Management software contact the Help Desk.