When accessing TAMHSC email, Mac users are able to choose between using the built-in Mac Mail client or Microsoft Outlook for Mac. This is generally a personal preference decision, though there are some cases where Outlook is needed, such as accessing a shared mailbox. Configuring the default mail application in macOS primarily controls what software is opened when an email address link is clicked.

Once you’ve decided which mail client works best for you, the steps below describe how to designate the mail client as default.

  1. Open a Finder window by clicking the blue Finder icon in the Dock.

    Step 3

  2. Select Applications from the sidebar navigation pane to the left. (Alternatively, click Go > Applications)

    Step 4

  3. Open the Mac Mail application.
  4. Click Mail in the menu bar, then Preferences.
  5. In the General tab, the first drop-down (Default email reader) should list both Mac Mail and Microsoft Outlook.
  6. Select the preferred mail application.
  7. Close the Preferences window, and quit the Mac Mail application to apply the setting.