The Cisco AnyConnect VPN client allows you to access TAMHSC resources from your home desktop or laptop computer. To download and configure the client, follow this step-by-step tutorial.

1. To begin, follow this link: and login with your TAMHSC Username and Password.

VPN username and password

2. A Duo Two-Factor Authentication Window will come up. If this has never been setup you can find the process for this here:


Duo authentication

3. Once you have either setup Duo or gone through the authentication, a new page will come up that will allow you to click Download for MacOS.

VPN download

4. Saving the file

If you are using Firefox, a window should pop up asking if you would like to save the file. Click Save File and once it is finished it will be located in the Up Arrow at the top right of your browser window.

firefox save file

firefox vpn file

If you are using Google Chrome, when you click on Download for MacOS the download will start on the bottom left of your browser window.

google chrome vpn file

5. Once the file is finished downloading, click on it to run the installer.

6. Double click the package.

VPN package

7. This will open a new window that will take you through the install process.

VPN installer

8. When it prompts for a username and password an administrator on the computer will have to put in their credentials.

admin username and password

9. The following window will pop up asking to Allow the VPN System Extension. Click on Open System Preferences.

 VPN blocked

10. System Preferences will open and there will be a button at the bottom that says Allow. Click on this and then close out of the window.

 System Preferences

11. Click Dismiss on the following window and the VPN installer should finish.

VPN enabled


12. The VPN is now installed and is located in your Applications folder in the Finder.

13. When you open the Cisco VPN Client it will have a blank space where you will need to type in:

vpn address box

14. Click Connect and then a new window will pop up asking for your username and password. Enter in your HSC username and password into the first 2 spots. The second password is for Duo and has a few options.

Option 1: Type in the word push and this will send a push notification to your phone.

Option 2: Type in the word phone and this will call your phone.

Option 3: Open your Duo Mobile app on your phone and click on the little key next to the TAMHSC Duo profile. This will give you a 6 digit code that you can enter into the Second Password spot.

VPN username, password, and duo

Once this goes through you will be connected to the VPN!

You will have the AnyConnect VPN client running in your Dock if you have installed and correctly authenticated to the client. Once connected, you will be able to attempt Remote Desktop Connections, access TAMHSC Network shares, and access your TAMHSC E-mail in Outlook.

VPN dock icon
For questions or assistance, please contact the Help Desk at (800) 799-7472 or e-mail