The Cisco AnyConnect VPN client allows you to access TAMHSC resources from your home desktop or laptop computer. To download and configure the client, follow this step-by-step tutorial.

1. To begin, follow this link: and login with your TAMHSC Username and Password, making sure the Group says “HSC_Only_Traffic”.

2. Click the AnyConnect button in the left navigation pane.


3. Click Start AnyConnect link to start the AnyConnect installer.


4. You will be asked for an administrator username and password. If you have administrative privileges on your computer, your username and password will work. You may also have a local administrator account setup on the machine that will work.


5. The AnyConnect client will now install and, once complete, you should see the screen below. Notice the VPN icon in the taskbar near your clock.


You Should Now Be Connected!
You will have the AnyConnect VPN client running in your Dock if you have installed and correctly authenticated to the client. Once connected, you will be able to attempt Remote Desktop Connections, access TAMHSC Network shares, and access your TAMHSC E-mail in Entourage.

For questions or assistance, please contact the Help Desk at (800) 799-7472 or e-mail