All loaner laptops will need to be updated prior to distribution. Completing this process ahead of time will reduce frustration among faculty and staff receiving the laptops and will ensure that the devices remain compliant with the 30 day critical security patch control per the Division of IT’s Configuration Management Policy and Procedures (CM-1).

Steps to Update Laptops through ManageEngine Desktop Central

1. Power on the laptop and ensure that it is either connected to the network via an Ethernet cable or wirelessly through Wi-Fi.

2. Check the agent version of ManageEngine Desktop Central. The current version is 10.0.479 (.W for Windows, .M for Mac). Locate the version by hovering your cursor over the Desktop Central icon in the system tray on Windows or in the menu bar on Macs as shown below.

Note: If the agent version is not current, an IT support team member may need to reinstall the latest software.

3. Once connected, you may manually update Desktop Central to perform a scan. However, scanning for updates is typically the first thing the agent does when it reconnects or installs, and it will already be occurring as a background task.

To manually perform a scan, right-click the Desktop Central agent icon and choose Scan.

Then select Initiate Patch Scan.

4. Allow approximately one hour for the scanning and updates to complete. During that time, you may be prompted to restart the computer as shown below. Please restart when requested.

5. For laptops that have not been used for over 30 days, please allow another hour to determine if a second restart is needed. If a restart is required, continue the updating cycle; if a restart is not required, you may distribute the laptop.