Welcome to the TAMHSC Cloud powered by Syncplicity! We are excited to introduce this powerful tool for file sharing and collaboration. 

Access and Use

TAMHSC Cloud can be accessed at cloud.tamhsc.edu.

  • Share most file types and folders with others from any device – Syncplicity keeps everyone in sync, automatically.
  • Create, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents using any platform, including mobile devices.
  • Break out of the box – Syncplicity lets you share any file or folder on your computer without copying them to a designated folder, like Dropbox.
  • Send large files – there are no file-size limits, and no FTP hassles.

General Guidelines

  • Anything on your computer can be synced to the TAMHSC Cloud.
  • You cannot share or sync file/folders from your H drive or other network drive.
  • Panorama access is currently only available utilizing an iPad. Access from other devices is planned for the future.

Storage Guidelines

With the TAMHSC Cloud service, OIT is offering two different types of available cloud storage. 

Off-premise (the cloud)

  • As a default, you will be allocated 150GB of cloud storage, stored on servers hosted by Syncplicity.
  • IMPORTANT: No FERPA, HIPAA, Confidential, Mission Critical or Employee Records are allowed.

On-premise (local servers)

  • Each user can be allocated cloud storage, which is stored locally on TAMHSC servers; by contacting the Help Desk.
  • Local storage allows any file classification; documents containing FERPA, HIPAA, Confidential, Mission Critical or Employee Records ARE allowed.
  • Quota limits apply.

If you have questions, please contact IT Support Services at helpdesk@tamhsc.edu or call 1-800-799-7HSC (7472).