image settings within WordPress

WordPress image example

When you upload an image within WordPress, you’ll see a number of options to the right-hand side of the media uploader. They include:

Title (auto-generated):

  • Auto-generated from your file name
  • Only utilized within the WordPress image repository

Caption (to include within your post):

  • Shown online as part of your post
  • If Alt Text, below, is not indicated, the caption will also be used for the Alt Text; this is not ideal

Alt Text (required, but if not entered will utilize the caption):

  • A description of what’s in the image
  • Will be read by screen readers to those visually impaired

Description (optional):

  • Describes the image that will display on the image’s attachment page (If you choose for the image to be linked to its attachment page, you can do this within advanced options.)


  • Indicates where to place the image in the post; choose from left, right, center or none
  • Default in TAMHSC sites is “none”

Link to:

  • Allows the user to view the image within a webpage independent of the post


  • Indicates the size of the image within the post
  • Note: The size of the image you are uploading should be the similar in size to the way you want it to appear within the post

See more within WordPress Support.