Identity and Access Management is an integral part of the Health Science Center.  Your identity ensures that you have access to the correct resources.

Account Management

Texas A&M Health Science Center accounts are managed within HSC-ID.  There are three ways an account can be created:

Special Account Requests

Colleges, departments, and groups that desire a distribution list or special account must fill out the special email account request form. Special accounts will require additional approval.

If a person is employed by both TAMU and TAMHSC, an account will not be automatically created in HSC-ID. Please contact the OIT Helpdesk if this scenario applies to a new hire.

Account Extensions

On occasion, a user will need access beyond their resignation/termination date.

  • Retained Access is requested in HSC-ID for faculty account extensions. This process requires several levels of approval and may take time to complete. For more information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Non-employees will not be granted extensions unless approved by the Office of Risk & Compliance.
  • If you are an HR liaison and are not sure where to submit an employee’s resignation/termination, please refer to the resignation/termination formThis form is required for out-processing.

Student Account Extensions

  • Graduated students cannot receive account extensions.
  • If you are a student and have not yet graduated but lost access to your account, please contact your college’s Student Affairs office.

Username Changes

If your name is legally changed, you can request a new username through HSC-ID.

Otherwise, if you just want to change how your name is displayed (for example, you go by your middle name), you can submit a request to change your Display Name. Both actions require supervisor approval within HSC-ID.

Access Management

HSC-ID manages group access to resources, allowing end-users to control multiple items via our Web Portal. 

Wireless Access

The TAMHSC wireless network is available for all users with TAMHSC accounts. If you have questions about connecting to our network, or have a guest who needs access, please refer to our wireless internet access documentation

Password Management

The security and integrity of your data is important to us – that’s why we have password policies in place to help keep your identity safe. When you create a password, please follow these guidelines for a secure password.

Initial Password Creation

  • If you are a new employee, you will need to contact the TAMHSC Helpdesk at 1 (800) 799-7472 to obtain a temporary password for your account.
  • Students and non-employees (visiting scholars, affiliates, volunteers, etc) will receive their username and password via an encrypted email to their personal email address. This is the address provided when registering for Banner or filling out non-employee packets. 


TAMHSC Change is our self-service password manager. If you forget your password, it expires, or you just want to change it, this portal allows you to perform these tasks without waiting on an IT technician for assistance. Please refer to these tutorials for more information: