Paid HSC faculty and staff accounts will be created automatically via HSC-ID. The authoritative source to determine faculty and staff standing is the TAMU payroll system.

Not all accounts required for HSC operations are paid faculty and staff. These other accounts include affiliates, visiting scholars, vendors, volunteers, Non-HSC students and contractors.

If you need to request a non-employee account, please contact your HR Liaison.

Only HR Liaisons have access to the New User Request form in HSC-ID.

Creating an Non-Employee Account

Creating a non-employee account is a two stage process:

  • Stage One – a person with the requestor role for the account type will login into HSC-ID and complete the New User Request option.
  • Stage Two – an approver will confirm the account and complete the process.

Completing the Account Process as the Requestor

  1. The account requestor will need to navigate to and enter his/her HSC credentials.
  2. Navigate down to the Service Catalog and click on New User Request
    screenshot of user account request for One ID
  3. Input all the required information in the Add a New Non-Employee form.
    Please note all accounts except Vendors require UINs.

Screenshot of adding a new non-employee user in  One ID