HSC laptop computing standards

Windows Computers

Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Office (2013 or higher)
8GB RAM (Memory)
256GB Hard Drive
USB/USB-C Ethernet Adapter (if your laptop does not have one built in)***
An OIT approved Anti-Virus software package**
3-year warranty with accidental protection such as Dell CompleteCare or a similar warranty
TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip

Apple Computers

Minimum of macOS Sierra 10.12
Microsoft Office 2016
8GB RAM (Memory)
256GB Hard Drive
An OIT approved Anti-Virus software package**
AppleCare (extends Apple hardware warranty for 2 additional years)
Thunderbolt/USB-C Ethernet adapter***

**OIT recommends Sophos for macOS computers, and Windows Defender on Windows machines.
***Although OIT provides WiFi throughout the HSC, some classwork and exam software require a hard-wired Ethernet connection. Check with your college to ensure your computer is compatible.

Check out current offerings and pricing.

Mobile device recommendations

1st Choice: Apple iPad* running iOS 10 or later
2nd Choice: Android devices* running Oreo or later
3rd Choice: Windows Mobile Devices* running Windows 10
* Our recommendations are solely based on our support experiences and compatibility with the Health Science Center systems (including WiFi). Please note that the device requirements may vary based on your program’s specific needs.

Purchasing Information

  • HSC-recommended laptops available for purchase at a discount through Dell; they include all the basic requirements plus the ability to customize for your needs.
  • Recommended machines also enable excellent support offerings; OIT technicians are Dell and Apple certified, and parts can be ordered within 24 hours, allowing quick repairs.
  • The HSC has setup an ordering website, www.dell.com/dellu/tamhsc, designed specifically for the online purchase of the OIT recommended laptops; make sure you choose your correct city (where you will pick up the laptop) on checkout.
  • When purchasing a device (laptop or mobile device), consider purchasing an extra battery and/or power adapter to ensure charging capabilities at home and on the go.
  • Software is available to you at drastically reduced prices from TAMU Sell; select TAMHSC for your campus, and login with your HSC Username and Password to see what you are eligible to purchase. Some offerings include Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Professional and many others.
  • OIT staff will gladly assist you with software installation.

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