Groups control access to resources such as network shares and group email addresses.

Group Owners have the ability to control who has access to their group from the HSC-ID web portal.  Owners are generally assigned during the creation of the group but sometimes are reassigned as job descriptions and business roles change.

Step 1: Navigate to System Entitlements


  • In the Systems Entitlements display, you can view the groups that you own.
  • In the example below, there are two groups with the same information that have different icons. If the group you want to edit has multiple icons, you need to choose the icon that looks like a person.


group2 : Security Group – grants access to a resource like a network share or distribution list. Click on this icon to manage membership.

group3: Mail-Enabled Group – this means the group also allows access to a distribution list. Do not click on this icon!


Note: A Security Group can also be a Mail-Enabled Group as shown above.


Step 2: Select the Group you want to Add/Remove and navigate to Memberships 


  • This will display members of the group.


Step 3 (Option 1): Adding Members

  • In the lower right corner, select Request Memberships


  • Selecting Request Memberships will display users that can be added to the group
  • Sort and search by selecting the Filter option.


  • Select the User. Then in the lower right corner select Add to Cart.
  • From My Shopping Cart select Check & Submit shopping cart to add the user.

Step 3 (Option 2): Removing Members

  • Select a user, then in the lower right corner select Delete Membership