Q: What is the purpose of the emergency alert system at the Texas A&M Health Science Center?

A: As mandated by Texas House Bill 2758, for the safety of faculty, staff and students, in the event of a campus emergency, a notification must be sent by using email or telephone notification and any other means the institution finds appropriate. 

Q: What is HB2758?

A: House Bill 2758 places certain requirements upon Texas’ institutions of higher education regarding emergency alert systems. They must “establish an emergency alert system for the institution’s students and staff, including faculty.” 

Q: What emergency alert system will the Texas A&M Health Science Center be utilizing?

A: Our institution will be using e2Campus, a notification system that allows designated school administrators to send time-sensitive messages to email addresses and mobile phones.

Q: Why is my Texas A&M Health Science Center email address automatically added each year?

A: A contact method is required by law.

Q: May I add additional contact information besides my Texas A&M Health Science Center email address?

A: Yes, an additional email address and a phone number may be added. View Emergency Alert Tutorial.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The cost for email notifications is free. There may be a fee for text messaging depending on your cell phone carrier and plan.

Q: What will the emergency alerts tell me?

A: The text messages will provide information regarding the emergency situation including but not limited to the status, actions required, and contact information to be used to get more details. The text message will always begin with the word “EMERGENCY”.

Q: How many alert text messages will I receive?

A: The exact number of alert messages is difficult to predict, but there should be very few. There will be occasional tests of the system, but the aim is to alert you only to emergency situations in which there is an imminent threat to public safety. You will receive messages within seconds of their transmission. If your cell phone is turned off when a text message is sent, you will receive it after you turn your cell phone on, but only if you do so within seven days from the original transmission.

Q: How will my information be utilized?

A: The personal information acquired from each individual will only be used for the purpose of emergency alerts.

Q: Will my information be kept confidential?

A: Yes. Texas A&M Health Science Center Alert service cell phone numbers are not shared or sold to any other systems or services.

Q: What if I change my cell phone service provider?

A: When you change cell/mobile phone providers but keep your existing mobile number it is considered “ported.” Depending on the mobile phone provider, it may take up to 30 days for the alert system to be updated. During the “ported” time period, you may not receive alerts because the alerts are sent to the old mobile provider, which may not forward them.

Q: Will I receive unsolicited messages (“SPAM”) on my mobile phone or email account?

A: No. e2Campus enforces a “ZERO SPAM” policy which clearly prohibits unsolicited messages. Furthermore, contact information will not be made available to third party marketers.

Q: I do not want to receive alerts. Can I opt out?

A: No. It is required by law to be in the emergency alert system.