Account Creation

Employee accounts are automatically created when hiring processes are completed in Workday. If a pre-hire account is needed before this process is completed, please contact your Human Resources Liaison.

All HSC accounts are required to have a Texas A&M University UIN number in order to gain access to HSC systems. This number will be provided to you as a new employee when you receive your other accounts. The Office of Information Technology can also create accounts for non-employees that are working with, or are affiliated with the University. These accounts will all need an HSC employee as a sponsor, and two forms of ID are required, one being a photo ID:

  • Driver’s License
  • Military ID
  • TAMU Student/Faculty/Staff ID
  • Passport
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate

Explore HSC Account Types 

Student accounts are created automatically by a feed received from the Banner student information system every night. If a student does not have their account created, they should first check with the Registrar to ensure all the information was received that was required for enrollment. If all the information has been received, contact the Help Desk and they can see what the status of the account is.

Staff and Faculty Accounts are automatically created by a feed received from the Workday system every night. Pre-hire accounts can be created for users that start employment before Workday has completed the hiring process if necessary. Speak to your department’s HR Liaison if you have any questions about this process.

Affiliate accounts are created to support the academic activities of the University by utilizing employees from affiliated organizations. These accounts are created for employees of organizations that have an active affiliation agreement with the University. 

Contractor accounts are long-term non-employee accounts that are typically used for support of facilities or information resource systems. These accounts require an annual attestation by the account sponsor, and approval from Risk Management before they can be created. 

Types of contractor accounts include: 

  • Employees of the Division of IT
  • Employees of SSC (Compass)
  • A vendor that is working on a long-term project (greater than 6 months)

Vendor accounts are temporary accounts that are used by vendors for short-term projects (generally less than 6 months). These accounts require approval from Risk Management and the HSC ISO (or the Associate Director of IT) before they can be created. 

On occasion the University will have an individual that will volunteer their time for clinical or other activities to support our academic mission. These volunteers will complete a volunteer packet through the department HR Liaison, and will route for approval through Risk Management for approval. 

Visiting Scholars are individuals that are here at the university to support academics or research, but they are employees of another institution. Often these individuals can be from other areas of the University or the System, but they can also be from other Universities as well.

Academic Collaborators are individuals that are here at the university taking a class or certificate program, but are NOT pursuing a degree. Often these individuals are students at TAMU and hold a major in another college, but they can also be from other Universities as well.

If you are not sure what account type you need to use for your situation, please contact OIT and we will be happy to help guide you to the correct account for your needs.