Note: Newly admitted student accounts are now automatically created.

Accounts are set up through a designated departmental Human Resources representative. To get an e-mail address, off campus access, library access, neo, VPN, modems or other special campus access, you will need to complete an account request form from your representative.

Faculty, staff and students must provide a UIN in order to gain access to HSC systems. This number will be provided to you as a new employee when you receive your other accounts. If you are not on payroll or a College of Medicine affiliate, two forms of ID are required, one being a photo ID:

  • Driver’s License
  • Military ID
  • TAMU Student/Faculty/Staff ID
  • Passport
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate

To complete the process, scan the form and IDs to your departmental representative. After your information has been submitted and set up, go to and click on the link for “set a new password.”