Printing from the wireless network on a personal laptop (PaperCut WebPrint)

The WebPrint system allows students to print to the printers at the HSC from their own laptops, tablets, and other personal devices (iOS and Android) without installing drivers. It works by offering a facility to upload documents in formats such as PDF etc. using a standard web browser. You access WebPrint from the print system at

Documents that are sent through this system will remain available for release for up to 2 full hours. This allows you to print from anywhere (even your house) and pick up the documents when you arrive at the campus.

The system can print documents that have the following file formats:

Web Supported Applications and File Formats

Application File Format(s)
Adobe Reader XI (11), Adobe Reader DC PDF
Microsoft Office Documents DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, PPT/PPTX and Microsoft XPS

If you have a format other than these, you can print the file to a PDF first, and then print that PDF. PDF printers are available for download from several websites such as PDF Creator. Printing from any application using the normal print function produces a PDF document that you can upload using this system.

To print a document:

1. Open your browser to and log in using your HSC username and password. Select the Web Print link in the navigation menu.

2. The front page contains a list of your active and recently submitted Web Print jobs.

  • At first, the list is blank. Later the list shows the status of submitted jobs.

3. Click Submit a Job to start the Web Print wizard.

4. The first step of the Web Print wizard is selecting a printer where your job will be printed.

  • Most jobs will use “Papercut Duplex”.
  • This will allow you to pick up your print job at any multi-function printer at the HSC, and will print double-sided to save paper.
  • If you require single-sided print, select “Papercut Single-Sided”.

5. Next, select the number of copies to print.

6. The final step in the WebPrint wizard is to upload a document to print.

  • This page lists the applications and associated file extensions that are supported.
  • OIT is working to add support for other file types (like PPT and DOC).

7. Once you have selected a document and clicked Upload & Complete, the file uploads to the server.

8. Once the document upload is complete you are returned to the front WebPrint page.

  • The table now displays the status of your job. Jobs can be queued and printed at your leisure.
  • The status changes to indicate the progress of the job from rendering to printing and job details such as cost and number of pages are populated when known.
  • You can stay at this page to track the status of the job or navigate away or close the browser. The job will not be affected.

9. Once you’ve queued your jobs, go to any Papercut printer (usually in or around the computer lab or library) and you can release your job by following the process here.

  • Additionally, you can release the jobs from the web portal, but note the jobs released by this method will not be held and could be picked up by another person at the printer.

WebPrint Locations

Campus Building Room
College Station School of Public Health Building Lab 119
Lab 120
College Station Reynolds Medical Sciences Building Room 328
Bryan Health Professions Education Building HPEB Library
Dallas Texas A&M College of Dentistry Library
ICL Computer Lab
Kingsville Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy Computer Lab
Round Rock HSC Round Rock Building Library
Temple Medical Education Center Library


If you have questions, please contact the Help Desk at 800-799-7472 or