1. Login into CMS: https://cms.tamhsc.edu/login.act

    login page

    2. After you log in, you will be directed to the new cascade dashboard.


    3. To edit a webpage, you will go to the top left corner and select your website.

    top corner of Cascade 8

    4. Once you have selected your website, you will see the site content.

    table of contents

    5. Click on the page you want to edit, then you will click the button on the top right of the page called “edit”.

    cascade certain page

    6. Next, an editing page will pop up on your screen. This editor is the same from the previous version, however, it has changed visually.

    editing screen

    7. After you are finished making your changes, click “Save & Preview” at the top right.

    save and preview button

    8. After completing step 7, you will be taken to a draft page where you will be able to submit, discard, or edit your draft. (This can be found at the top right.)

    3 optional selections

    9. After you have reviewed your changes, click “submit”. Next, comment on the changes you have made and then start the workflow.

    submit workflow button

    10. You will be redirected one last time to review all of the changes and then click “Start Workflow”. You have now edited a page on Cascade 8!

    Cascade 8 Completion Page