We are excited to announce a new add-on for Outlook that will make sending and storing files via email much more efficient, collaborative, and safe.

The new Outlook add-in will allow users to easily send files and folders as they always have, only now the files and folders will be sent as links inside of Syncplicity instead of file attachments. With this add-on, instead of sending out multiple copies of the same file to different users, one link can be sent to all users in order to increase security and collaboration for the project.


  • No file or folder size or bandwidth restrictions
  • Sending files won’t count against your quota
  • Encourages productivity and flexibility, as files can be shared from the desktop and from the cloud.

A full list of Outlook updates benefits can be found on the Syncplicity website.

Download Update

  1. Log into Syncplicty*

Log into tamhsc.syncplicity.com

2. Click ‘Install’ in the upper-right hand corner.

Click “Install” in the upper right hand corner

3. Select ‘Outlook’ from the dropdown menu.

Select “Outlook” from the dropdown menu

4. Click on the download link at the top of the screen.

Click on the download link

5. Follow the download instructions and onscreen prompts.

Follow download prompts

6. Open Outlook and a brief tutorial video will play.

Open Outlook

*Must have a Syncplicity account in order to download the update.