1. Login into CMS: https://cms.tamhsc.edu/login.act

    login page

    2. After you log in, you will be directed to the new cascade dashboard.


    3. To delete a file, you will go to the top left corner and select your website.

    top corner of Cascade 8

    4. Once you have selected your website, you will see the site content.

    table of contents

    5. Go through the folder until you have found the file you would like to delete.

    certain folder directory

    6. Once you find the file you would like to delete, select the box next to the file name.

    selected certain folder

    7. After you select the file name, go the top right corner of the screen and click “More”, then click the button called “Delete”.

    toolbar area with options

    8. After you click delete, you will confirm the deletion one more time. After you confirm the deletion, a workflow request will be submitted to our team. That’s it, you have deleted the file!

    deletion confirmation screen