A home page should:

  • Contain the most important information and tell what the site is all about
  • Show an overview of content, its features and how it’s organized
  • Include search
  • Contain shortcuts to important content
  • Make it obvious what the site visitor is looking for
  • Show someone where to start (call to action!)

Questions to ask to determine if content is right for a home page:

Is the content for an internal or external audience?
Answer: If it’s for internal audiences (such as current students, faculty and staff), place the content on a landing page for that audience.
Answer: If it’s for external audiences (such as future students, parents, alumni/friends and donors), then the content may be a good candidate for placement on the home page.

Does it reflect the goals, mission or vision of TAMHSC or respective component?
Answer: No. Then it doesn’t belong on the home page and/or the website.
Answer: Yes. The item is a good candidate for placement on the home page.


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