The TAMHSC network is managed with the security of our users in mind. For this reason, permissions and TAMHSC credentials must be assigned for campus visitors to access the Internet through our network. We ask that a TAMHSC representative, or sponsor, submit a Guest Wireless Access Form 48 hours in advance of the visitor’s arrival.

3 Simple Steps to Guest Wireless Access

  1. A TAMHSC representative must sponsor a guest needing wireless access.
  2. The Guest Wireless Access Form must be completed by the TAMHSC representative/sponsor.
  3. The visitor and sponsor will receive TAMHSC credentials via email. Access to our network can be obtained by following the instructions within the email or by following the Guest Wireless Tutorial for PC or Mac.

Information Needed from Visitor
Information needed for the sponsor to complete the form:
Visitor’s full name
Visitor’s email address, phone and address
Sponsor’s email address and campus location
Justification for guest access
Start and end dates for guest access

For assistance or questions, please contact the Help Desk or call 800-799-7HSC (7472).