Google Apps can be accessed with your HSC username and password. These tools can prove invaluable to your teaching, learning and/or research at our institution.

Google Docs – Documents Made for Collaboration

Easily create documents, spreadsheets or presentations and export them to desktop programs. Share them with your group and make changes together in real time.

Note: Documents uploaded to Google Docs are hosted by Google. Do not upload sensitive, employee, medical or student information to Google Docs. In addition, documents uploaded to Google Docs are not backed up by the Office of Information Technology.  It is the uploaders’ responsibility to back up documents they upload.

Direct access to Google Docs

Google Calendar – Events Made Easy

Organize your life with a simple online calendar. Keep a calendar for yourself, share another with your friends, and subscribe to public calendars to stay up on all the great events on campus. 

Note:  Google Calendar will not synch with your HSC Outlook calendar.

Direct access to Google Calendar

Google Groups – Connect With People

Connect with people, access information, and communicate effectively over e-mail and on the web. Create your own moderated forums and mailing lists, featuring strong sharing and management controls.

Direct access to Google Groups

Google+ – Real-life Sharing, Rethought for the Web

Connect on the web more like connecting in the real world. Share your thoughts, links, and photos with the right circles. Get everyone on the same page with fast, simple group chat. Hangouts on Google+ allows video chat with up to 9 people. Hangouts are perfect for small group meetings, collaborations, or quick discussions. 

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Google Team Drives – Great for Sharing Files With Your Team

Google Team Drives are shared spaces where teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere, from any device. 

Unlike files in My Drive, files in Team Drive belong to your team instead of an individual. Even if a staff or faculty member leaves the HSC, the files stay exactly where they are so your team can continue to share information and get work done.

Note: Team Drives is not an approved storage solution for sensitive data. Please see TAMHSC Cloud for a HIPAA and FERPA compliant cloud storage solution.

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If you need assistance with login or simple navigation, please contact the Help Desk by calling 800-799-7HSC (7472) or e-mailing