Guidelines for formatting text

  • Often users scan webpages, instead of reading everything. Develop your pages with that in mind, creating blocks of useful information.
  • Do not use underlined text, as it signifies hyperlinks.
  • Bulleted or numbered lists can be helpful in providing concise information.
  • Only use tables when displaying data, and make sure the table elements have the proper tags. Consult your Webmaster if you have questions regarding table layouts.
  • Do not copy and paste from Microsoft Word into the CMS, as it adds extra code that can cause site issues. Instead, copy and paste into WordPad/Notepad, then copy and paste into the CMS editor.
  • Use bold text and preset styles to add emphasis only. Bold, italics, color, font and links are all forms of highlighting. This should be used sparingly—once or twice in a paragraph at the most.
  • Do not utilize headings as design elements in order to make your page look a specific way. If you need assistance with design or layout, please contact the Web Team at

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