Steps for Enrollment

  1. Log into
  2. Enter your TAMHSC user name and the CAPCHA text.

    Log into

  3. The Welcome Screen will direct you to complete the “Questions and Answers Profile.”

    Welcome Screen

  4. Enter your TAMHSC password.

    Password screen

  5. Pick from the selection of questions and provide your answers. Five (5) questions and answers are required. Questions and Answers Profile screen
  6. The final question is a Help Desk challenge question. Help Desk technicians can see the answer and will use this answer to verify your identity and generate a passcode if requested by you.
    Help Desk challenge question
  7. After entering your questions and answers, you will be notified of a successful registration.Successful Registration screen

Additional Options After Enrolling

Password Manager Options screen

Forgot Password

  1. Answer three (3) questions and click Next.

    Forgot Password Screen

  2. Enter a new password

    Enter New Password screen

Notification Options

Options screen