We provide secure access to TAMHSC email from anywhere through our webmail service available from anywhere at https://webmail.tamhsc.edu/.

External email encryption is utilized for any confidential information that is being sent via email such as patient data, student data or anything else of a confidential nature.

Internal Email Encryption 

All traffic sent from one tamhsc.edu account to another is encrypted automatically.

External Email Encryption 

OIT also provides a method to send encrypted emails out to external email addresses. To encrypt an email, you need to put the string *encrypt* into the subject line. Directly after that string, you can add the intended subject.

Email subject line for email encyprtion

The individual receiving the email will receive in their inbox an email with a link in it.

Secure message attachment

After the recipient clicks on the email, they will be prompted to register before receiving the secure message.


After the recipient has registered they can view the message.



  • Reply will not encrypt the message back to the original sender.
  • Forwarding the messages is not permitted.
  • The following special characters cannot be used in the password registration.
    • ? / . > , < ‘  “ ; : \ | } { ~ ` 
  • By default, messages expire after 30 days, but the sender can extend from their digest setting.


  • Active – the message is active, and the recipient can decrypt and read the message.
  • Expired – the message has expired it can no longer be read.
  • Revoked – you have revoked the message so that the recipient cannot decrypt and read it. If you restore a message that you revoke, the status changes to Restored.
  • As long as the message has not expired, you can click Revoke Recipient or Restore Recipient.
  • The message Expiration displays the exact date and time the message will expire, as well as the relative time (in how many days or months).
  • To change the message expiration date, click Edit Expiration. Select a choice from the New Expiration dropdown menu, or select Custom to choose an expiration date from a calendar.

List of encrypted messagesRevoked Message