To Connect to HSC resources through VPN you have to register and enroll in TAMHSC Duo Identity.  You will not be able to access VPN from the web client or AnyConnect client untiled enrolled.

Enrolling in Duo Mobile for VPN access

  • Prior to enrollment, it is recommended to download the mobile app.

  • Navigate to; For the Group choose one of the below options.
    • HSC_All_Traffic
    • HSC_Only_Traffic
  • Enter your HSC username and password.

  • Next start your enrollment process, select Start setup

  • Select Mobile Phone

  • Enter your mobile phone number and select Continue

  • If you already have the Duo app installed click I have Duo Mobile installed

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to register your phone.

  • Verify your setup. Select Text me and enter your 6-digit code.
  • Once you enter your six digit code select Verify and then Continue

  • Finalize your settings, select your preference when you log in.
  • Next Continue to Login

If you do not have the Cisco VPN AnyConnect VPN Client after registering, you will be prompted to download.

After enrollment when using the Cisco AnyConnect client there is a new text box enabled for DUO purposes.

Connect To:
Group: HSC User HSC_All_Traffic HSC_Only_Traffic

Username: HSC Username
Password:  HSC Password

Second Password:

  • For the second password you have the following options
    • Type push in the text box to receive a push to your DUO app on your phone
    • To receive a phone call type phone
    • Or from your mobile device generate a code and type in the code