Proofpoint Protection Server provides a daily digest of email flagged as spam and bulk messages to give you more control over the messages that are delivered to your inbox.


A daily digest message is sent to your mailbox from Proofpoint, with links to manage your list.

Accessing your email digest


Managing Mail From the Daily Digest

In the digest message, you have the option to choose between View, Release, Release and Safelist, and Not Spam.

managing bulk and spam email

  • View:  Allows you to view the message before taking action.
  • Release:  Sends the email to your inbox.
  • Release and Safelist:  Sends the email to your inbox and marks that address as a SafeSender, so no further emails will be quarantined.
  • Not Spam:  This link allows you to report to Proofpoint directly any message that you believe is not spam.


Email Digest Site

In addition to your daily digest email, you can access your spam & bulk mail and your preferences at any time at

The username for the site is your TAMHSC email address.

Digest site login page


From the web interface, you will have the same options as in the daily digest email, plus the ability to manage your safe and blocked senders and more.

managing spam email   

Safe and blocked senders list


We provide secure access to TAMHSC email from anywhere through our webmail service available from anywhere at