1. Log into the HSC-ID Web Portal
  2. Click on Delegation under the “My Actions” tab
  3. You should see a list of delegations like the one below (names have been blurred out for privacy):
  4. If you want to delegate ALL of your approval responsibility, just click on “Delegate all my responsibilities” below. Otherwise, you will need to select the ones you want to delegate and click on “New Delegation.”
  5. You should see a new window appear:
  6. Click on “Assign” and search for the person you want to delegate to. You can use the filter buttons at the top of the “Name” and “Department” columns to help you search:
  7. Once you have picked someone, they should show up in the window next to “Delegate to”
  8. For the “Valid from” and “Valid to” entries, you can select today’s date for the former. For the latter, you cannot enter “unlimited”, but you can put in a date like “8/8/2999” and it will mean the same thing.
  9. You can choose to check or uncheck any of the boxes located in the window. If you want the recipient to be able to delegate the permissions you are delegating to them, check that box.
  10. You can also enter a reason, but it is not required.
  11. Click Save. You may be asked to confirm that you want to delegate these roles – if so, click Yes.
  12. You will then be taken back to the “My roles” page. Notice that the roles you selected to delegate will have “1 delegation” listed:
  13. You can also click on the “My delegations” tab and see all of the delegations with some additional details.

You have now delegated some or all of your responsibilities to that person. From now on, when you receive a notification from HSC-ID about approving a process, that person will also receive that notification and can approve it on your behalf through the HSC-ID Web Portal.

***Important Note: Retained Access requests cannot be delegated. Your delegate will NOT be able to approve these requests on your behalf.