Once your account has been activated for CrashPlan and the software has been installed by OIT you can begin customizing your backup.

Note: Only backup what you need

1. Start the CrashPlan client and login with your TAMHSC account if needed.

2. On the Welcome page locate the device you want to configure and select Details

  • By default your User Profile and all files/folders are selected

Welcome Page Dashboard

3. Once under the device, select Manage Files

Manage File Page

4. Under Manage Files you will see all files currently selected for backup in a folder structure.

File Directory

5. By clicking on a folder you can see what is under and select individual folders/files. For example, if you want to only back up Documents you can deselect the other folder and leave Documents checked. Only folder/files checked will be backed up.

Another level of a file directory

6. Certain files and folders can be excluded by unchecking the designated file or folder.


Warning screen acknowledge file deletion

  • By deselecting a folder from backup, no files within that directory will be backed up nor any new files added.
  • Excluding previously selected files results in excluded files being deleted from the backup archive. The now-excluded files will not be available for restoring.

8. Once you have completed your selections choose Save.

Notflication Frame with two buttons, cancel or save.

9. You will then be returned to the device’s configuration page. The program will rescan your files and a backup will begin shortly after.

Device Configuration Page